Fire & Stones, is the literary and art magazine designed and published by the students at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Upper School, Alexandria Virginia.

The collection of student art and writing you see here may at first seem eclectic, and to some degree it is. But that is what makes our magazine so rewarding to work on: you get to see the work of a unique and diverse group of people, to recognize the different points of view, and to appreciate the commonalities. The greatest thing we do at Fire & Stones is not, in my eyes, the creation of our publications or the coffee houses we host, but rather the opportunity we offer to the student body to set aside grades, sports, or anything else and express themselves freely.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of the student editorial staff, the guidance of the faculty advisors and, of course, the creativity of  the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes community.

  • Evelyn Perfall, Senior Editor
  • Rachel Suleymanov, Communications Director
  • Helen Treadway, Literary Editor
  • Zak Zeledon, Creative Director

Editorial Staff

  • Eva Balistreri
  • Lily Bertles
  • Nyrique Butler
  • Lilly Cady
  • Amy Gastright
  • Anna Giardina
  • Emma Hughes
  • Celine Koko
  • Adrienne Lai
  • Alicia Lopez
  • Mary Margaret Lehmkuhler
  • Catherine Owens
  • Hudson Reynolds
  • Caroline Ross
  • Skye Schofield-Saba
  • Mimi Shea
  • Louisa Treadway
  • Carlin Trevisan
  • Bette Vajda
  • Lena Weiman


Faculty Advisors

Kate Elkins

Jill McElroy